Veteran Finds Name On Donated WWII Helmet. 1 Year Later, He Reunites It With Soldier’s Family


Last year, Air Force veteran Albert Compoly was sorting donations given to St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania when he stumbled upon a World War II helmet.

“People bring stuff in and at some point, I was rummaging through and just sorting things out and I found this old helmet,” Albert says. “So being a veteran, I took it aside and hung it up on my wall.”

Upon further looking at the helmet, he saw a name on the front of the helmet — Frank Santacroce. Knowing how sentimental things like this could be, Albert took the time to look up the man’s name online.

In his research, Albert discovered that the veteran had died in 2009. But he didn’t give up. Instead, he saw some information at the bottom of his obituary and reached out. This one little good deed lead Albert to connect with Frank’s daughter. He let her know he had the helmet and would love to give it to her.

“She couldn’t believe it,” Albert says. “She said it was like part of her father coming back home again.” The family will be putting it on display next to Frank’s uniform at a museum in Sag Harbor, New York.

“It would have been thrown out if someone didn’t want it, so we were very happy we were able to sort of rescue it,” Albert says.

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Footage provided by WNEP Scranton

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