Family Smells Fire But Thinks It’s Neighbor’s Barbecue, Then Hears UPS Man Banging On Front Door


Paul Pereira’s last stop at the end of his shift wasn’t so much a delivery — but something closer to deliverance.

The UPS driver was making his usual rounds in a Haverhill, Massachusetts, neighborhood when he spotted a porch on fire.

Pereira didn’t hesitate.

“I just ran over and banged on the door and told the people, ‘Your house is on fire,’” he tells local TV station WCVB5.

The family was home while their home burned and, according to the report, assumed the smell was from a neighbor’s barbecue.

“The next thing you know, there was banging on the door: ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’” recalls Brian Lavender, who was inside the house with his wife and daughter.

The family managed to get out of the house without injury, while Pereira — nearly lost in tendrils of smoke — managed to douse the fire. When he emerged from that smoldering porch, he was hailed a hero.

“Had he not been there, that entire porch would have been engulfed,” neighbor Peter Brown tells the station. “That entire house would have been lost. There’s no question.”

Time and time again, we’ve seen firefighters perform astounding acts of bravery — whether it’s saving people or dogs or kittens.

But a delivery man isn’t exactly the guy who rushes into flames. Fortunately, this delivery man happened to be Paul Pereira.

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