Adorable Twins Start Lord’s Prayer, But Can’t Make It To ‘Amen’ Without Getting Distracted


Although the toddler stage is difficult, many parents love it because it’s when kids are arguably the cutest and silliest.

Sure, it’s also when they get defiant and start throwing temper tantrums, but most of the time they’re adorable sweethearts. Just look at this little girl who ran over to her puppy just to get kisses from him!

For this video, think about the cuteness of a single toddler, then double it. That’s right, this video features twin toddlers.

But unlike this mischievous pair that destroyed a beanbag chair, these two little girls are doing something much more angelic: reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Lord’s Prayer, the words usually start, “Our Father, who art in heaven…” and end with a big “amen.”

However, for little tots Natalie and Nicole, the words end up just a little bit different from how most churchgoers recite the Lord’s Prayer. For instance, you may not remember your Sunday school teacher including this much shouting.

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Video courtesy of the Angus family of Bellefontaine Church of Christ in Christian Union. To find out more, visit their YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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