Fold Mashed Sweet Potato Into Bread Dough, Then Twist Into Chewy, Flavorful Garlic Knots


The next time you prep a big Italian feast for your family, why not pair your main course with a side of delicious sweet potato garlic knots?

We love ordinary garlic knots, but we have to admit, they aren’t the healthiest. We love the idea of kicking them up a nutritional notch by adding some tasty and vitamin-packed sweet potatoes into the mix!

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest root veggies around. According to the Mayo Clinic, they are chockfull of vitamins A and C, and also contain lots of potassium.

Even better, sweet potatoes are delicious and make a tasty addition to lots of recipes — like these yummy sweet potato breakfast boats.

Our sweet potato garlic knots are no exception; the starchy veggie adds lots of flavor (and plenty of nutritional value) to ordinary bread dough.

These chewy knots pair perfectly with a classic red-sauce feast of pasta and salad, or they make a delicious standalone snack!

Scroll through to print out the recipe below!

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