Little Girl Makes Card For Stepfather, Then He Notices She Addressed It To ‘Dad’


In 2017, Father’s Day fell on June 18. For many people, this meant spending the day celebrating Dad and everything he does for the family.

During this holiday, some people decide to go out for brunch, others make Dad a batch of yummy treats (like DIY bacon salt), while others just let Dad sleep in.

Most dads really want one thing for Father’s Day, though: to be reminded of how much their children love them.

No matter how the kids do this — whether it’s through a handmade card, a sweet gift, or a home-cooked meal — dads just want to feel extra love on Father’s Day.

Many of us with traditional families forget that Father’s Day may mean something different for other people. For some, Father’s Day could be a celebration of a dad who passed away. It could also honor a grandfather, or another important father figure.

For one little girl, Father’s Day meant telling her stepdad that, even though he wasn’t there at the beginning of her life, he’ll be her dad until the end.


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One little girl understands how important Father’s Day is, even if her family isn’t the most traditional.

Her stepdad, who has been in her life for a year, told her she could call him anything — so she called him by his name.

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