She’s Not Like Any Other Dog… And That’s Why I Love Her So Much!


Emma is a tiny chihuahua who was born different from all the other pups in her litter. Emma was born with a cleft palate and although she looks different from all the other sweet fur babies in the world, she is just as special… if not more! A cleft deformity happens when the face doesn’t develop normally. It’s rare in children and even more rare in animals!

Since little sweetheart Emma is so different from all the other doggies, sometimes she gets funny looks, but that’s ok… she loves the special attention and questions she gets. Emma is gentle with children and she her tiny bark brings smiles to every face she sees. Emma is a true inspiration for people everywhere who are a little different. She shows them just how special they truly are. If you think Emma is beautiful inside and out, please SHARE her video with all your friends!

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