Pair Seared Wild Salmon With Delicious Fruit-And-Veggie Salsa For An Easy Summer Lunch


With summer vacation in full swing, many families are adjusting to having their kids home all day, every day.

While this means more family time and fun backyard barbecues, it also means one more home-cooked meal each day. From now until September, gone are the days of simple packed lunches of peanut butter sandwiches and juice boxes. Though preparing lunch during the summer can seem like a bit of a hassle, it is also a great opportunity to try out creative new recipes.

On this week’s episode of Hostess Next Door, Vanessa Cantave shares some of her favorite easy summer lunch ideas.

Everyone knows that corn on the cob is a great warm-weather snack, but have you ever tried using corn in a soup? The Hostess Next Door’s sweet corn soup with fresh jalapeño puts a new twist on one of your favorite foods. Packed with flavor from the salt, pepper, and diced jalapeño, this creamy soup will become an instant classic.

If you’re looking to incorporate healthier options into your summer diet of hamburgers and hot dogs, try swapping your greasy protein of choice for fish instead. Vanessa’s wild salmon with pineapple-apricot salsa is a delicious, nutrient-rich option. The seared salmon paired with a yummy salsa, made up of tons of fruits and veggies, is a perfect light lunch that will leave you feeling full until dinner.

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