Dad Says Dog’s Shirt Is Too Tight, But When Mom Reads Name On The Back She Jumps Up Screaming


When this video begins, you get a seat at the dinner table with a fun, dog-loving family. The parents suddenly realize that their dog has a shirt on, and while Dad thinks it’s too tight, Mom’s just confused about who made it and gave it to them.

Soon enough, they realize that these aren’t just shirts — there’s a secret message behind them. Their kids ask, “What does it say?”

And the parents read “Uncle 1” and “Uncle 2” off the backs of the pups. In a state of confusion, they finally read one of their daughter’s shirts, which says “Auntie.”

That’s when Mom loses it. That “Auntie” has a pregnant sister, and these new grandparents couldn’t be happier once they figure it out.

Beware of a bit of profanity from Mom, although she quickly apologizes for the outburst and explains how excited and happy she is. Clearly, there are times we just can’t control our reactions, and I think this is an acceptable time — don’t you?

This funny pregnancy announcement is something they’ll never forget. Everyone in the family was involved, including their dog-brothers!

Can you imagine the gender reveal party they’ll come up with? I wonder what the dogs will be wearing then!

Warning: The excited grandma-to-be in the video below uses some language that might be slightly offensive to viewers!

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