Dad Loses Wedding Ring. 1 Year Later, He’s Speechless When Wife Finds It In Defrosted Curry


Chris Robb, a St. Albans, Hertfordshire husband, had lost his white gold wedding ring a year ago. The dad never thought it would turn up again, but when it did, he couldn’t believe where it had ended up. It just goes to show: you only find what has gone missing when you just stop looking for it.

Annie Robb was cleaning out the freezer when she spotted a container of old curry way in the back. She put aside to defrost before throwing it away in the garbage.

That’s when Annie caught a glimpse of something inside the curry. She thought it was a bottle top or keyring but when she looked closer she discovered it was Chris’ wedding ring. It had been frozen and preserved in the curry.

The ring was a handmade piece engraved with the couple’s wedding date in Roman numerals. It went missing during a football session, he believed, and never thought he would never see it again.

In fact, he and his friends spent nearly an hour combing the grass with a metal detector to try and find it. Somehow it ended up in the curry. Somehow that curry was saved in the freezer for a year. Somehow Annie thought to defrost it. Somehow she even spotted it. What an amazing series of coincidences.

See the look on this stunned dad’s face when he is reunited with his beloved rin.

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