Man Spots Dark Figure Under Clear Canoe, Then Realize It’s A Manatee Following Him


One of the best parts about taking a boat, canoe, or kayak out is being able to spot wildlife both in and out of the water while enjoying the activity. While out on the waters in Weeki Wachee, Florida on July 7, 2017, a man had a close encounter with a manatee.

The camera catches a dark figure swimming just under the surface. Then seconds later, a nose pops out of the water and the manatee’s form comes into better view. She swims a little deeper under water and the canoe, but she’s not saying goodbye just yet.

The manatee swims alongside the canoe, coming within inches of the person on board. The camera continues to capture her fascination with the transparent canoe as both she and the canoe continue traveling in the water.

It turns out, the first manatee isn’t the only one to want to take a look at the canoe.

“As the manatee was following the canoe and checking it out, another one joined in on the chase,” the owner of the video writes in the caption.

As if out of thin air, another manatee appears behind the original and the two of them and the canoe form a single line as they all glide through the water. The interaction is so cute to watch, and definitely one I wouldn’t mind having — unlike this whale encounter!

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Footage provided by See Through Canoe

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