Kids Raise Money For Senior Whose Home Burned Down, But They Don’t Know How Much It Means To Her


Lemonade stands are popular with children of all ages. The sales are often used for candy, toys, or even a new bike. But two generous kids in Satellite Beach, Florida held a lemonade stand to raise money for a neighbor who lost everything in a fire.

When six-year-old Charli and nine-year-old Jackson Ward heard that Beatrice Gillespie’s house was destroyed in a fire on July 4, they wanted to help her. Luckily, they had already planned a lemonade stand and decided to give the money raised to Miss Bea.

“We found out that it burned down and so we thought well, if we’re going to get money we should give it to her,” Jackson said.

The whole Ward family helped. Dad built the lemonade stand while mom helped out in the kitchen. Charli took customer orders (pink or yellow) and Jackson served the lemonade.

Thanks to some strategically placed ads on social media the lemonade stand was booming and brought in over $1,000! The family met Miss Bea the next day to give her the money. They were greeted with big hugs and plenty of gratitude.

Thanks to Jackson and Charli for turning tragedy into something sweet! Hopefully, Miss Bea will be back on her feet and in a new home soon.

“It was a little bit astonishing because I didn’t know how much that meant to her,” Jackson said.

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