Put Down Your Phone, And Look Here. Everyone Should See This.


The following is a short film that doesn’t even need words to get it’s clear message across to viewers. That message is to put down the phone, and enjoy real-life experiences.

The idea behind “I Forgot My Phone” is that our society is addicted to their smart phones and the more time we spend on the internet and social media, the more we miss out on real social experiences. While this idea is nothing new, it has never been so clear until now. Maybe you’ve even experienced this on either end in your own life, but it probably didn’t feel as depressing as this video does.

People need to find a healthy balance of both and know when it’s time to put the phone down. If you’re guilty of overusing technology, do yourself a favor and go without it for a little while. Take the time you’d spend scrolling Facebook or texting and do something creative, physical or have a face-to-face conversation with someone. You’re guaranteed to instantly feel more connected than you ever did before.

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