The Scary Reason You Should Hang Up If A Stranger Ever Calls You ‘Grandma’ On The Phone


Older folks be warned: Scammers are trying to target people over the age of 50 with the cruel ‘Hey Grandma’ phone scam.

Phone scams aren’t new. People have practically been using telephones to try to con people since Alexander Graham Bell first placed a call.

In the past, we have seen devious and sneaky scams like the ‘Can you hear me?’ phone con take off.

Unfortunately, criminals who work on the phone are always changing their tactics. The latest trick involves attempting to trick older folks into thinking that they’re taking a call from their grandkid.

Bad guys often try to target older people, assuming that they’ll be less technologically savvy and might get sucked into the scam.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen! It’s about time that phone crooks learn an important lesson: You have to get pretty clever to pull the wool over Grandma’s eyes!

Scroll through below to learn how the scam works, and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of the ‘Hey Grandma’ phone scam.

H/T: Woman’s Day


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Crooked thieves are trying to part old folks with their money using a simple — and astonishingly cruel — ploy.

It’s called the ‘Hey Grandma’ phone scam, and it works just as you would expect.

The con artist calls number after number, and if someone picks up, he says, “Hey, Grandma!”

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