Nana Texts ‘Happy Birthday’ To A Total Stranger, Then They Become ‘One Big Family’


We’ve all texted the wrong number and received the “Who is this?” reply. Most of us simply realize our mistake and apologize profusely before deleting that number from our phone.

Yet when Jen Deaderick got texts from a stranger, things went a little differently.

Jen looked at her phone in the morning to see that a strange number had texted her happy-birthday messages. In fact, the messages were “singing” happy birthday to her.

But it wasn’t Jen’s birthday; the messages were actually for someone named Samiya.

Still, Jen didn’t want to just tell the woman, who was apparently Samiya’s nana, that she had the wrong number. Clearly, she had put so much time and effort into the text.

What she’d sent had emojis and was four messages long. So Jen put a little thought into her response, wanting to let this nana know that she appreciated the message anyway.

Read on to find out how this nana responded!

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When Jen got happy birthday texts from a stranger, she knew she needed to let the woman know she had the wrong number.

Jen texted back, telling her she appreciated the sentiment, but she wasn’t the right person.

Jen Deaderick

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