Plop Ripe Berries And Cucumbers Into Water And Stir For A Delicious, Fruit-Infused Drink


Every time I chat with my doctor, regardless of whether I’m sick or not, she encourages me to do two simple things: drink water and eat fruit.

Easy enough, right?

Well, I know as well as anyone how easy it can be to not have enough fruit or water in your daily diet. But what if you could combine these two healthy ingredients into one simple, refreshing recipe?

You can, and trust me when I say the result is delicious! Take a peek at these creative recipes for making tasty, fruit-infused water.

This sweet drink can serve as a healthy alternative to soft-drinks, as every mixture contains antioxidants and vitamins. Opting for fruit-infused water instead of overly-sugary beverages helps you drink more water and stay hydrated, making the refreshment especially perfect for the hot summer months.

Not only will each of these fruit-infused mixtures taste scrumptious, but each recipe offers its own distinct set of health benefits.

If you are searching for a beverage rich in fiber and antioxidants, reach for raspberries, blueberries, and cucumbers to follow our recipe for berry-cucumber water. And the oranges in our citrus-mint water will help you add key amounts of vitamin C to your diet, while the strawberries in our strawberry, citrus, and mint water will help you avoid unhealthy cholesterol levels. Finally, the cucumbers in our mango, cucumber, and blueberry water mix will help you maintain healthy skin.

Dress up your drink by pouring it into a trendy mason jar then dropping in a decorative straw. If you prefer to share the refreshment with friends, simply add larger portions of fruit and serve the mixture from an ice-filled pitcher.

Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Freedom II Andres

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