She Tells Her Sick Puppy ‘I Love You’. His Response? ADORABLE


Growing up, my family always had parrots who loved to squawk their hearts out, but every so often, they’d hilariously repeat things we would say.

Can you imagine if other animals could learn to talk just like some parrots can? I never thought about it until I saw the following video, which completely blew my mind. I definitely wouldn’t have believed that this dog could talk until I heard it for myself!

In this hysterical video, posted to Rumble by user “Jessica72,” we see an adorable French bulldog named Ben who is recuperating in his kennel after a trip to the veterinarian for a paw injury.

Ben’s owner must feel pretty bad for her little pal, because she keeps telling the pup “I love you” to make him feel better. However, I’m guessing Ben’s owner never expected to hear anything but a whimper from her hurt little doggy.

When he responds barking “I love you” back to his momma, I nearly fell out of my chair!

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