Crossbow Act On U.K. Talent Show Comes Inches From Shooting Simon Cowell


Normally when you think of televised talent shows, your mind most likely goes straight to singing and dancing. But the beauty of the Got Talent series in its many incarnations throughout the world is that any talent is welcome. You see acts with pets, you see magicians, you see people twisting themselves into seemingly impossible pretzels. You name it, they’ve got it on Got Talent.

On this season of Britain’s Got Talent, one American really shocked the judges with his unorthodox routine.

As the 36-year-old Ben Blaque walks onto the stage empty-handed, the judges aren’t sure what to think. But when he walks over to a stand off to the side and picks up a huge crossbow? They know they’re in for a real nail-biter.

Blaque’s assistant bravely holds balloons up for the sharpshooter, but when he walks up to the judges to ask them for a few favors? That’s when it really put every single person in that auditorium on the edge of their seat.

Every time this man gets onstage, there’s a very real element of danger. This isn’t magic or illusion… this is the real deal. A very deadly real deal.

Would you ever get up to assist this performer? Simon looks worried, but you have to see what he does when Blaque asks him for help.

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