8 Surprising Things You Should Never, Ever Do At The Beach


When warm weather rolls around and the sun finally peeks out from the clouds, the summer officially begins!

Kids get out of school, summer camps start, and people try to make time for vacation days and weekends spent outside.

One thing most people look forward to every summer? Going to the beach.

Whether you like to go swimming, play in the sand, or just relax on a towel, the beach has something to offer everyone.

But as much fun as it is to hit the waves, there are a handful of basic rules to keep in mind when it comes to enjoying the waterfront properly.

For example, if you bring a phone, learn how to protect it. And if you plan to spend the day by the water, learn the ins and outs of proper beach etiquette.

Knowing the correct way to behave at the beach (and what not to do) will make the experience safer and more fun for everyone!

Scroll through below to learn about the things you should never, ever do at the beach!

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Beach Mistake #1: Run, Baywatch-Style, Into The Waves1/8

< > Beach Mistake #1: Run, <i>Baywatch</i>-Style, Into The Waves

Although running into the ocean’s spray like they do in the movies looks like a blast, it’s actually not a good idea.

It might be fun to go sprinting into the water, but it can cause problems for both you and others.

In addition to kicking up sand onto other people, you could also trip, slip, or step on something hard or sharp and injure yourself.

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