This Surprisingly Intricate Avocado Art Is Too Beautiful To Eat


Thr latest social media trend is proof that the avocado obsession has officially reached its peak.

What started as simply a healthy food kick has become an art form. People are swapping basic avocado toast for intricate avocado sculptures.

The phenomenon began last week when fruit and vegetable carver Daniele Barresi shared his work on BoredPanda. The award-winning food artist made jaws drop with his beautifully carved avocado, which shockingly only took him one hour to hand-carve.

“I started carving at the age of seven and I describe this period like the best in my life,” Daniele explained.

Plenty of other Instagram users are trying their hand at the newest food fad, and the results are incredible. For example, Sapana Chandra (@realandvibrant) ambitiously tackled a pixelated pattern, while YouTuber Kaylie Grace (@purelykaylie) updated avo toast with cute star cutouts.

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This is the carving that started it all. 1/7

< > This is the carving that started it all.

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